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tv   WRAL News 5PM  NBC  March 11, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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we'll let now weigh effect that front will have on our weekend weather coming up. good afternoon i'm david crabtree. >> i'm lynda loveland. >> deputies have the scene guarded in newton grove. cullen browder has more. >> reporter: the family members are very emotional not just because of their loss but also because they still don't know exactly what happened or who is responsible. the johnston county sheriff's office continues to have this crime scene secured and very little information is being released as they continue to investigate. no matter what happened here or why, this is a void left for loved ones. >> he did have family that loved him. this isn't right. >> reporter: family members say
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here and died here apparently shot to death. >> i just can't believe -- whey would people do something this crazy. >> reporter: jones was found with a woman, not his girlfriend. >> she was supposed to be fixing his hair. >> reporter: jones family admits he had a less than perfect fast. he served time for making and dealing methamphetamine back in 2003. still, of his a son and brother. jones was also a father to a 2- year-old. family members say that toddler was found in the home with blood on him but physically unharmed. >> he had a great daddy and his son is sitting around wanting his daddy. >> he would do anything for his son. >> reporter: johnston county sheriff's investigators keep working to piece together the killings and find who is responsible. >> i just hope whoever did this will come forward. >> reporter: so far, that has not happened. so the family and we continued
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wouldn't to wait for more information. we were told from a family member that the investigators were supposed to be meeting with the mother sometime this afternoon. we have not yet heard back about that investigation. >> thank you. a 58-year-old carthage woman found dead at her home died from strangulation according to the medical examiner's report. she died last april. this picture is from her obituary. an autopsy released today says she was strangled and a belt was found at the scene. the report says she had evidence of blunt force trauma to her head and face. investigators arrested and charged her husband with first degree murder. one person was taken to the hospital after a crash involving a school bus this morning. the car collided about a bus in the buffalo creek subdivision in zebulon just before 7:00. two students were checked out on the scene by ems. parents told wral the bus was
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olcomi u there are two democratic visions for regulating wall street. one says it's okay to take millions from big banks and then tell them what to do. my plan -- break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes, and make them pay their fair share. then we can expand health care to all, and provide universal college education. will they like me? no. will they begin to play by the rules if i'm president? you better believe it. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message.
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richard burr's name is on next week's primary ballot. he is seeking his their third term and he has opposition within his party. the latest y'all news poll shows burr with a commanding lead. tonight, we hear from the senator and one of his opponents. >> richard burr is in his 12th year in the u.s. senate. larry holmbergquist has never held he on hechtive office utah news came across root at 2:00 that the septa had voted to fully fund obamacare. and mr. burr had voted to fund obamacare. >> that vote was part of a large are budget the irony burr has consistently led the fight to repeal the affordable care act and replace it with his plan. >> the introduction of three replacement plans for obamacare and voting against obamacare 40 times i'm not sure that anybody
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united states congress, house or septa. >> i'll be perfectly candid with you i have not study senator burr's replacement plan in great detail. shame on me for that. >> reporter: something both have studied, questions on immigration, a front and center issue of this presidential campaign. there is any room for a path to citizenship for the millions of people here without documentation? >> i deal with too many people searching for u.s. citizenship and they go through a long, tedious legal process. nobody should have to go through a different process than what they did. so we have to separate those two. i think we can do it and we can do it today. up fortunately, too many people want to use this for political reasons. >> the people that entered our country illegally need to go back to the countries that that he came from. and if they still want to come to america, they need to start
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our legally established procedures and follow our immigration laws. >> reporter: as for the top of the north carolina primary ballot. >> do you have a preference in the presidential primary. >> i do. i favor ted cruz. i think he would be a fine president. >> reporter: and if donald trump were to win, would you support him in. >> i certainly would. >> reporter: north carolina is a player in this presidential election this year. do you have a horse? >> i don't have a horse. as chairman of the intelligence committee, i made a decision early on to endorse somebody would be to send a stamp of approval that there is the best person on national security. you didn't want to do that. >> reporter: there are two other names on the republican ballot. he with invited them several times by phone and e-mail. they chose not to respond. can you see more of this interview plus a look at the race for governor as well as a link to the democratic senate debate. all of that tomorrow night on the record at 7:00. in response to record rain
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